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Air Conditioning Services

AC Replacement & Installation

Get a quote within your budget. Our friendly staff will provide you the best options on air condition replacements and installations.

AC Repair

Air conditioning not working? Our technicians are experts at diagnostics. Let us take a look at your A/C system and fix your problem.

AC Maintenance + Tune-Ups

The summer heat can really make your air conditioning unit work hard.  We provide quality maintenance & tune-ups so that your A/C can run at optimal performance.

Popular AC Services

Our certified technicians have years of experience working on air conditioner units and entire home HVAC systems. They are prepared to handle the AC system in your house, no matter its age.

Listed below are some of the other AC services we provide to make sure your home stays cool during the summer. This is not a comprehensive list of our AC services so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call.

Most Popular

Other Services

  • Refrigerant
  • Coil Cleaning
  • AC Blower Fan
  • Condensing Unit
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Swamp Cooler to AC Upgrade
  • Indoor Air Quality

Common Air Conditioner Issues

Usually when the outdoor unit doesn’t turn on, it is because the circuit breaker has been tripped. When this happens, you can easily reset it after locating the circuit breaker panel.

If you find that the AC unit still does not work, the next probable cause is the thermostat. A non-responsive thermostat will fail to communicate with the rest of the central air system. Your HVAC contractor can fix this for you.

Your AC needs repair when it’s no longer generating cold air. Reasons may vary from dirty air filters to a malfunctioning electronic control board. While dirty air filters are easy to deal with, problems with an AC’s electronic control board can be handled by an Aire-Flo air conditioning repair expert.

Overheating electrical components could be causing the smell, while the strange noises could be caused by a central air fan motor with poor lubrication or a loose fan belt. For safety reasons, strange smells and sounds should be addressed right away by an HVAC professional.

A refrigerant leak could be the reason for the excessive moisture; and leaking refrigerant can cause harm to the unit, humans, and the environment. A qualified technician can diagnose and make needed repairs to your AC unit to ensure your home stays cool all summer long.

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Your air conditioner can break down anytime, even at the unholiest of hours. That’s not a problem with Aire-Flo since we offer 24-hour emergency service. We’ll provide the best AC repair the Salt Lake City Area has available no matter what time you need it.

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Has another company given you an AC repair quote you just aren’t sure about? Give us a call and we’ll gladly give you a second opinion so you can see how the top AC repair in Salt Lake provides deals with air conditioner and heating unit issues.

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We pride ourselves on being experts in the heating & air conditioning service industry. We are constantly learning about new heating and air-conditioning products and stay up-to-date on all types of HVAC repairs. Whether you need just need some seasonal HVAC maintenance or a full heater and air-conditioning installation, let us help you.

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