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Purchase HVAC supplies locally in Murray, Utah from our selection of air-conditioner and furnace parts.

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Need a Part for your DIY Furnace or AC Repair?

Avid DIY’er who know’s what’s wrong with your AC or furnace? Want to buy the part locally today instead of waiting for an online order or paying an arm and a leg for shipping? Give Aire-Flo a call – if we don’t have the part you need in stock, we’ll run to our warehouse to pick it up for you!

Call us at 801-487-0876 to check part availability at our Murray, Utah shop.

Real Customer Reviews

"Couldn't be happier with my experience at Aire-Flo. Brent tested my old parts, found me new ones, and explained how it all goes back together. He even suggested other things to check if the replacement parts didn't fix the issue. They were also the only ones with my parts in stock. Highly recommend."
"They sell to DIY guys so after going into 5 different stores looking a part for my furnace these guys came through for me."
"Woo hoo! They had a part for my 30 year old, "obsolete" furnace. When it can no longer be repaired, I will ask these guys to replace it."
Happy Customer
"This place is great. No-nonsense, sell to the public, knowledgeable and fast. Highly recommend them!"
Happy Customer
"I went in to get a capacitor and igniter and fixed the problem. Two days later the motor went out on the same furnace. They tested it and pulled the fan from the motor and listed the wiring diagram for me as the new motor had different color wires. No charge even after I offered. Took it home and installed it. Runs like a champ! Probably save me a grand!"
"Thanks for selling to a consumer like me. A $30 part that I can install myself saved me $350."